We have more in common, being human, than we have differences but I am a unique person. I am striving to deepen my meditation and yoga practice, flailing away at the guitar and contemplating my next photography project.

I learned a lot about bodywork from my instructors at Lane Community College and from a Dutch fellow in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I also know a bit about making meaningful photographs, riding motorcycles. and being outdoors. I am embracing the idea that this is life and I need to live it.

I have a wonderful life partner, four kids, many friends, three cats and one dog that I call family. I’ve lived in Eugene, Oregon for the past 12 years and was raised in Georgia, maybe you can coax out my southern drawl.

In Buddhist teaching there is a concept of “right work”, that is having work that benefits people. I fully embrace this and feel that massage is a wonderful expression of this ideal.