My prints are photogravures, a very old process utilizing an etching press. These prints are made under tremendous physical pressure. The final object is beautiful and tactile. The ink is visually alive and you can feel the impression of the image in the paper. The prints are archival and will be beautiful to behold hundreds of years from now if maintained properly.

I print using photopolymer plates and soy based inks.  These materials give me the flexibility and control I need to express my artistic vision while being the most environmentally friendly printing process I know of.

Each edition is printed under the exact same conditions on the same day, i.e. the ink, the paper, the pressure of the printing press and my artistic interpretation are the same for each print in that edition. Each edition consists of 10 prints and two artist proofs. I notate each print as follows.

Title                     1:3/10                        Signature

In the above example the print is of the 1st edition and is number three of ten.

This allows me to change my artistic interpretation of the original image as I develop as a printmaker while allowing you the collector to know exactly where your print stands in my body of work. I keep a printing log where I record the date I print an edition and the materials used.

Prints are made on 1/4 hand torn sheets of Hahnemuhle paper (11 1/4" x 15 1/2"). Square images are 10" x 10". Prints are shipped flat and can be mounted upon request. Please inquire for pricing.